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  • Lost in Translation
  • The Age of Innocence
  • Harlan County U.S.A.
  • Moonlight

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  • Murina


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  • I'll Show You Mine

    I'll Show You Mine


    Megan Griffiths is one of my favorite filmmakers, very underrated in my opinion. She takes chances and brings stories to the screen that can make you feel uncomfortable. There are movie goers that see a film to escape, feeling uncomfortable is not what they signed up for. For me, and I know for a lot of cinephiles, feeling discomfort watching a film is not always a bad thing, in fact, it can be a really good thing. If the story…

  • Fixation



    Fixation" takes you down the rabbit hole through the mind of a survivor of sexual assault, violence, and abuse. Director Mercedes Bryce Morgan brings a unique singular voice to the screen joining the kaleidoscope of onscreen gems that have been emerging in this post-#MeToo era. Our hearts beat fast through Maddie Hassen's vulnerable and powerful performance as Dora. The infusion of music and the gorgeous production design elevates the surreal horror with that haunting song being the thread throughout.

Popular reviews

  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    Oh Ava, a different twist on the femme fatale . . . More like a frightening twist, there were a lot of frightening things about this film, and at the same time entertaining. But when you think about how close this scifi film shadows our reality, it will scare the shit out of you. I got goosebumps at the end and felt the brilliance of Alex Garland, this film got the full 5 stars, looking forward to what's next for Garland :)

  • Words on Bathroom Walls

    Words on Bathroom Walls


    Great film, blows through all the misconceptions of mental illness that are misrepresented onscreen. I'm grateful for this film.