The Phantom of the Opera

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This review may contain spoilers.

[Restored 1929 Version] Showcased here is the unrivaled character makeup and physical presence of Lon Chaney Sr.'s historic performance as The Phantom in an updated edition. The films moody Gothic sets are sinisterly lit and filled with intriguing shadows, props, costumes, and all the visual ephemera needed to make a silent feature hold the viewers attention. Updated scenes with tinting, sound for the operatic sequence, and general tinkering all serve to make this more accessible than the original -- though in its shortened run-time there is some loss of depth. The sole remaining colorized sequence with Red Death's appearance at the ball is a truly stunning setup for when we see him grimly again on the roof. Throughout the movie Chaney's every movement is seemingly as mesmerizing today as it was then, his hands and every gesture brimming with expression. A timeless horror classic.

Hooptober 5.0 -- 6/33