A Moment of Innocence ★★★★★

Incredible. One of the most deceptively complex films I've ever seen, with a setup that seems startlingly simple and straightforward but slowly reveals layers upon layers of ideas and emotions. What struck me the most was how these two men attempted to reconstruct memories from their past, perhaps as a way of exorcising these difficult feelings that they've had for years but also raising feelings of regret and longing for the idealism that they strived for in their younger days. That the younger actors and the medium of film itself act as a conduit for them to express themselves in this way emphasizes the reflexive nature of this kind of filmmaking, not only blurring the lines of subjectivity and of reality/fiction but also raising questions regarding why we make and watch films to begin with. Above all else, this film carries a level of humanity, joy, and playfulness to it which—combined with the deep sense of melancholy and uncertainty associated with its detailing of the past, present, and future—makes for such a potent synthesis of the spectrum of emotion, one that could only be sublimated by that sublime knockout of an ending.

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