Satantango ★★★★

Honestly surprised by how brisk the pacing felt (for the most part), largely due to its wonderfully hypnotic rhythms. I could certainly think of a 7.5 hour film feeling way longer and torturous. On that note its sense of humor definitely helps as well, another aspect which certainly took me aback. For a majority of the runtime I found myself completely captivated, with a structure in the first two thirds which allows the audience to have quite a bit of fun in gaining context of characters and setting through repetition and reorientation of points of view. Unfortunately there came a point where I was less engaged, one could say during the denouement (for lack of a better term), but more specifically during chapters 9 and 10. There are still a multitude of brilliant shots and moments to behold though, and my attention picked back up towards the end as it reached its memorable and confounding conclusion. Ultimately a film that I admired a ton more than I wholeheartedly loved, but I'm certainly glad I saw it.

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