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  • Christmas in Connecticut

    Christmas in Connecticut


    I grew up in Connecticut, though not in 1945, and I never had a Christmas like this. Love me some Barbara Stanwyck, but this has to be one of the most convoluted plots of any film I've seen. Also one of the weirdest, partly because of a worldview that is no longer subscribed to, but also due to how the plot moves from a ship being torpedoed to a Navy sailor wanting good food to him staying a couple of days with a food columnist and her "family." This is no The Lady Eve.

  • Pasolini


    I’ve always threatened to walk out of a movie before, but never have. Friends, I walked out of PASOLINI with about 20 minutes to go. And while I did jump back in to see the ending (kinda had to, since I was projecting the film and had to know when to turn the lights up), it doesn’t change my opinion that this movie has no idea where it’s going and no real interest in its characters, story, or plot. The…