Last Man Down

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This review may contain spoilers.

Shot in English, obviously not the first language of most of the actors.
We follow John Wood, an ex-military officer living in seclusion after a deadly pandemic has decimated the population, and led to the death of his wife at the hands of his superior officer. It’s mentioned that he’s immune, and then never brought up again. 
His solitude is interrupted by the arrival of a wounded woman who somehow has the cure to the virus in her blood, and the same military group he escaped from at the start is pursuing her so they can have control of the cure.
This movie is an 80s-style “kill ‘em all” entry, through and through.
About an hour in, I came to a conclusion.
We got video game style music throughout, and the bad guys can’t hit either him or the woman he’s protecting.
Yeah, this is a DOOMSLAYER movie.
Bass rumbles, and all.
The main actor doesn’t do much for acting, but he’s decent in the fighting. I liked him, and I’d watch another movie that he stars in.
So if big meatheaded dudes in small-scale action is your thing, check this out.
Small budget, but it’s worth the 85 minutes I spent until the end credits.
It’s not COMMANDO, but what is, really?