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  • 22 July

    22 July


    Tough tough watch, but excellent film.

  • Venom



    Not as bad as I'd feared. Plus it has Tom Hardy which straight away makes it watchable

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  • Warrior



    Another rewatch, another bump in the ratings, this one goes from 9 up to 10. It still has the exact same flaws, but I just love this film. It has all the feels. I love it so much.

    The opening scenes of Warrior feature The National’s Start a war and a character listening to Moby Dick. Not what you may expect when going to see a film about mixed martial arts fighters beating the crap out of one another. Nick…

  • The Prestige

    The Prestige


    Originally watched in 2006. Rewatched Feb 2017

    Isn't it strange how a rewatch can change your opinion of a film. I'll admit, I haven't thought about <cite>The Prestige</cite> in a long while, since I originally watched it probably, but spotted a dvd copy sitting around and thought, didn't I like that film? lets watch it again. Of course, reading my review from 2006 I don't think I really did like it, seeing as I mostly described it as "disappointing". But…