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  • Prevenge



    Ruth is a murderer. Seven months pregnant she believes her unborn child is telling her, forcing her, to murder people. She has her targets, arranges meetings or dresses up to entice them, and then murders them. She has to you see, her baby will kill her if she doesn’t.

    I’ll admit that the title of this film did put me off a little. But it was one of Mark Kermode’s films of the week last year, so I thought I’d…

  • Step Brothers

    Step Brothers


    Still hilarious.

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  • The Prestige

    The Prestige


    Originally watched in 2006. Rewatched Feb 2017

    Isn't it strange how a rewatch can change your opinion of a film. I'll admit, I haven't thought about <cite>The Prestige</cite> in a long while, since I originally watched it probably, but spotted a dvd copy sitting around and thought, didn't I like that film? lets watch it again. Of course, reading my review from 2006 I don't think I really did like it, seeing as I mostly described it as "disappointing". But…

  • Warrior



    Another rewatch, another bump in the ratings, this one goes from 9 up to 10. It still has the exact same flaws, but I just love this film. It has all the feels. I love it so much.

    The opening scenes of Warrior feature The National’s Start a war and a character listening to Moby Dick. Not what you may expect when going to see a film about mixed martial arts fighters beating the crap out of one another. Nick…