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  • The Fugitive

    The Fugitive


    Do you remember when it was a big deal when a film came on the telly? I can remember the hype around <cite>The Fugitive</cite>, not when it was in the cinema, but its first showing on Irish television. It was a huge deal. Everyone watched it. Everyone was talking about it the next day.

    How times have changed...

    For those of you too young to remember this film, it was the remake of an old tv show that ran back…

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    I loved this. It has problems, yes, but it is also great and thought-provoking and so worth the watch.

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  • The Prestige

    The Prestige


    Originally watched in 2006. Rewatched Feb 2017

    Isn't it strange how a rewatch can change your opinion of a film. I'll admit, I haven't thought about <cite>The Prestige</cite> in a long while, since I originally watched it probably, but spotted a dvd copy sitting around and thought, didn't I like that film? lets watch it again. Of course, reading my review from 2006 I don't think I really did like it, seeing as I mostly described it as "disappointing". But…

  • Warrior



    Another rewatch, another bump in the ratings, this one goes from 9 up to 10. It still has the exact same flaws, but I just love this film. It has all the feels. I love it so much.

    The opening scenes of Warrior feature The National’s Start a war and a character listening to Moby Dick. Not what you may expect when going to see a film about mixed martial arts fighters beating the crap out of one another. Nick…