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  • Funny Car Summer

    Funny Car Summer


    This chill drive-in documentary about 'Big Jim' Dunn, who conquered his fears of fire and heights to become an LA county firefighter while making a name for himself as a drag racer during weekends and summer vacations, is best viewed a quarter of a mile - er, hour - at a time. Indelible moments: Dunn receiving an appropriate trophy for red-lighting; his teenage son's low-key disapproval of dad only getting 1-1/2% plus $500 for the ubiquitous Dunn & Reath Plymouth Barracuda…

  • Duel at Fort Ezo

    Duel at Fort Ezo


    An excellent, action-packed adventure from Toho, set in 1864 and centered around a mission to locate a cache of gold and rescue the daughter of the Russian royal family. Both are being held in Fort Ezo by the Takeda Clan, led by a direct descendant of Takeda Shingen and his army of Ainu native followers. To do the job, a government agent posing as a ronin assembles a six-man team consisting of a munitions expert, two thieves, a sleight of…

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  • Pushing Up Daisies

    Pushing Up Daisies


    Four down-on-their-luck crooks drift from one small town to the next sticking up various businesses for chump change until Kelly (Kelly Thordsen) and A.J. (Eric Lidberg) are caught and sent to a prison work farm. Maddux (Ross Hagen) and Wilber (Hoke Howell) bust them out with machine guns blazing, wasting half a dozen guards in the process, and the brainless crime spree is resumed. The four rob a bank while dressed in nun’s habits for no particular reason, then hop…

  • Hey! There's Naked Bodies on My TV!

    Hey! There's Naked Bodies on My TV!

    The success of THE GROOVE TUBE and TUNNELVISION proved there was a market for hip skit comedies aimed at zonked-out college students on a Friday night, the raison d’être for most of them being an attack on network television standards and practices while showing as many nude or semi-nude women as possible (the one big advantage these films had over SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE). If KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE represents the zenith of the '70s skitcom craze, the nadir is undoubtedly HEY!…