No Man's Land

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Director: Ning Hao

Stars: Xu Zheng, Duo Bujie, Yu Nan and Huang Bo

Ning Hao returns from the wilderness and enters the dessert in this western road movie akin to Mad Max but will it be a road warrior or just leave you mad.

Lawyer Pan (Xu Zheng) travels to the dessert to where he succeeds in defending his client Lao (Duo Bujie) , as they talk about payment for his services Pan takes Lao's car as collateral and drives home through the Gobi dessert. Things don't go as planned for Pan after knocking down a poacher (Huang Bo) and thinking he's killed him sets off to try and dispose of the body. On his travels he stops at a down and dirty pit stop that has a family that resembles something from deliverance , a prostitute (Yu Nan) who is desperate to leave the pit stop, a couple of truckers and Lao who wants his car back. What ensues is a race across the dessert and pan examining his own morales as he himself breaks the law to try and survive.

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