American Honey ★★★★½

Never go the Midwest. 
Never have kids. 
Never read magazines. 

All I could think about during American Honey. What an epic pop creation. 

Is it as good as everyone says? 

For much of the film I didn't know. So intimate. So raw. Such an ethereal portrayal that commands its viewers moment to moment. 

Extended compelling sequences of beauty - the rich Texans sidesteps our expectations of how that sequence will play out and becomes something dare I say charming....

But still. Maybe the film was getting really fucking lucky. How can you not like a movie that repeatedly has characters singing along to "We Found Love"?

But the moment I knew that this was a good movie, the moment I knew that what was happening on screen wasn't mere chance but the labor of an extremely talented ensemble and artist comes during a moment of silence. No pop song. No screaming Shia (easily his best work as an actor). 

Just a bunch of lost souls, characters overlooking a gorge standing silent except the exhale of a cigarette. Arnold allows the silence to hit. It's as impactful as any song moment in the film. 

And you realize you're in the hands of a very gifted filmmaker and film.