Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★½

"We've seen such beautiful things here." Cut to wasted teenage girls squatting and peeing on the side of the road.

Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers is rebellious filmmaking. It's the kind of film that violently forces sounds and images together in an outpour of contempt for a generation. Filled with dubstep, drug dealing rappers, teenage girls unable to cope with the "pressures" of a normal society, it's a complete picture of everything wrong with today's youth.

The bold neon colors, a stunning musical sequence set to a Britney Spears song, and voiceovers influenced by Terrance Malick's "Badlands" are the ironic elements in the movie that deliver the assault on the counter culture. Rebellious filmmaking is an exciting thing but can be fleeting. There's a real competency on display that makes this a film a memorable one.

See Spring Breakers against your better judgment and revel in that dark void Korine has captured.