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  • Se7en



    i misremembered this as having a garish 90s mtv look-how-fuckedup-i-am look/feel to it, but that really doesn't extend beyond the opening credits sequence, the font of the days of the week that appear on screen, and Spacey's backseat monologue. this time, the meat of the detective story felt like a soaking wet version of a new hollywood neo-noir that just kept pushing the fatalism envelope that its predecessors set. there is some really fantastic geometrically precise framing that is no…

  • Moneyball



    it's hard not to be romantic about Brad Pitt... we talked about two classic baseball films, Moneyball & Bull Durham, on this week's extended clip with our friend Jayson Buford. we discussed the romanticism of the game, market solutions for baseball problems (neoliberalism), Susan Sarandon's undying beauty, and more. listen up:


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