Old ★★★★

so much of what Shyamalan has been working at throughout his career is present here. the incredible use of off-screen space, the jarring point-of-view shots, the meta-narratives of storytelling, the long-takes that don't just capture action but let it breathe, and the most unsettling barrage of reaction shots he's used since The Happening. i know he's said that he wants to make movies to scare his kids now, but i'm sure this one made them tear up, as the sentimentality of M. Night's movies is so deeply rooted in the family. after conquering digital, the hero has returned to celluloid and the textures it brings couldn't be more welcome. he plays into all of his usual tendencies to create something uniquely funny, tragic, shocking, and stylish. easily in the top half of his filmography, I can't wait to see it again.

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