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  • Tetro


    Tetro has run away from his family to the far side of the world— to bohemian Buenos Aires— And now his kid brother, Benny, has come to find him. 
    With this film, Francis Ford Coppola is able to effortlessly display all the technique a master filmmaker of his age could possibly possess while at the same time craft a film that feels like a breath of fresh air from a unique new cinematic voice. Like it’s two main characters, the…

  • One from the Heart

    One from the Heart

    I love this film. After Coppola made The Godfather Part II and Apocalypse Now, the world wouldn’t let him make anything that wasn’t epic ever again. But he didn’t want to do epic anymore. You can’t get more epic than Apocalypse Now, you just can’t. Coppola wanted to do little pictures, different pictures. And Coppola went on a hell of a run of “little pictures” after Apocalypse Now. It’s my favorite period of his career. 
    One From the Heart was…

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  • The Exiles

    The Exiles

    Kent Mackenzie’s film is a brilliant time capsule of pure Americana. As Americana as it gets. It feels like a cross between John Cassavetes’ Shadows and George Lucas’ American Graffiti shot in a cool docu-fiction verite style.
    It’s a “up all night” flick— a day in the life of The Exiles, displaced Native Americans who’ve left the res behind for the bohemian streets of downtown Los Angeles in the early 60’s. It’s the blue collar days to pay for beatnik…

  • The Legend of Billie Jean

    The Legend of Billie Jean

    The most 80’s movie that ever eighties’d. This film absolutely rules. I love everything about it. From the fact that the two leads, playing brother and sister, have the same last name in real life yet are not actually related— to the wonderful character names used in the film— to the rad soundtrack and stylish music video influenced editing— to the mall chase sequence— to the South Texas setting— to the way Hubie runs his finger over Binx’s motor-scooter like…