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  • RoboCop 2

    RoboCop 2

    Weird Wednesday rewatch at the Drafhouse. Nuke is cool cyberpunk street drug that looks like Toaster Strudel icing packets stuffed into a cassette tape case. The failed Robocop 2 test subjects montage is the best part of the movie. The kid gangster is second best part of the movie. Damn good stop motion animation as well. Feels like it’s set in the Streets of Rage 2 universe with giant robots added in. Everybody is a bad guy in this accept Murphy and Lewis.

  • The Jerk

    The Jerk

    “I’d just be happy to be in there somewhere.”

    May be the funniest movie ever made.

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  • The Legend of Billie Jean

    The Legend of Billie Jean

    The most 80’s movie that ever eighties’d. This film absolutely rules. I love everything about it. From the fact that the two leads, playing brother and sister, have the same last name in real life yet are not actually related— to the wonderful character names used in the film— to the rad soundtrack and stylish music video influenced editing— to the mall chase sequence— to the South Texas setting— to the way Hubie runs his finger over Binx’s motor-scooter like…

  • The Exiles

    The Exiles

    Kent Mackenzie’s film is a brilliant time capsule of pure Americana. As Americana as it gets. It feels like a cross between John Cassavetes’ Shadows and George Lucas’ American Graffiti shot in a cool docu-fiction verite style.
    It’s a “up all night” flick— a day in the life of The Exiles, displaced Native Americans who’ve left the res behind for the bohemian streets of downtown Los Angeles in the early 60’s. It’s the blue collar days to pay for beatnik…