Promising Young Woman ★★

If you achieved catharsis or clarity out of this then that’s what matters, but personally I think the subject matter deserves better. Hardcore white liberal undergrad film school vibes. Carey Mulligan is great but the casting in general is so bizarrely done despite how much I like all these actors individually. I think it goes for a tacky and easy aesthetic that only serves itself and not the character psychology or the story. What the protagonist does to Allison Brie’s character is genuinely disgusting, even if it tries to do a weird little “gotcha” with the audience about it for no readily apparent reason. Love the very end of this and its implications A LOT, but by then the scenes that led up to that and how they were done had already completely lost me. Good soundtrack but a cheeeeeesy score. Honestly just felt like it spent money on the wrong things on top of never finding its footing tonally.

Again, I don’t mean to yuck anyone’s yum. It’s done in good faith and I think more movies like it should exist, but I just believe you have to be more intentional and considerate with a topic like this no matter the genre you shoot for.

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