Girlhood ★★★★

A beautifully directed rites of passage story that you can't help but be swept up in from the very first images that appear and by its end you don't want to part from.The essence of the film is created by a powerful ensemble of unflinching and authentic performances by a cast of young actors, in particular the lead Karidga Touré who delivers something really special. The black suburbs of modern-day Paris from a teenage girl's point of view was a world I'd never seen on film before but one that felt as cinematic and pulsating as any I'd seen in recent times. It felt a world away from me but I was soon right in amongst them, part of the gang. Breathing the same air as they were and hiding in the same shadows. Girlhood features some incredibly striking moments and sequences that fuse French naturalism with the rawness of a documentary with the energy and punch of music videos. I'm so happy this film exists.

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