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This review may contain spoilers.

Sydney Film Festival 2019 - #12

"you're a bunch of cum and criminals."

let's talk about dogs. the first dog we see in high life functions as the catalyst that essentially launches pattinson into the minimal liminal hell we remain caked into till the bitter end. from both the extended 16mm flashbacks and monte's own remark that he was 'raised by a dog' we can gather that the inexplicable murder of the animal led him to a brief, impulsive burst of outrage that left him on death row. the last dog we see is in the final stretch, wandering the corridors of a duplicate abandoned spaceship. what once functioned as a sort of all encompassing symbol for his mistakes and trauma (monte repeatedly refers to the ship's required daily briefing sessions as 'feeding the dog') is at the end exposed as purely another flesh vessel, prone to the same mindless degradation and suffering created by a predetermined systemic force almost beyond comprehension. both instances mark the precipice of a leap into the ether, but only the latter forces your mind to such a rock-bottom state that to hold any chance of leaving stasis, you have to look beyond. in the end, you're still here, and so am i.
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okay, yep. this is perfect.

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