Joker ★★

i'm tired, todd. your movie isn't quite as unconscionably bad as some are saying, neither does it evangelise the lead enough to substantiate the discourse around the "violence" the film might incite - what's actually the most impressive facet of joker is how consistently it attempts to read as mythos, as an all-encompassing tragedy about a broken man's radicalization against a system of abuse, all while engaging with its ideas in a manner so shallow that the all too familiar piece of neoliberal corporate media becomes visible underneath. why make a film about class struggle and revolt if you're not even slightly interested in the voices of those affected beyond that of an angry violent mob? why plagiarise a film like the king of comedy if you're just going to strip off the audience culpability and genuine discomfort that caused a title like that to feel so timeless? the answer, of course, is because joker isn't the auteurist opus it believes itself to be, it's an empty conglomerate product.

phoenix was fine.

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