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  • The Foreigner

    The Foreigner


    The stars had aligned. Martin Campbell directing. Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan starring. Some action, some intrigue. It was my birthday weekend. What could go wrong?

    It's perfectly average. Run-of-the-mill thriller with nice if unspectacular action (Chan can't be blamed, he's bloody 63 years of age). Brosnan is playing up the Irish accent and puts in a really good performance.

    Some twists, some turns, and two plots that struggle mightily to coalesce organically. Not bad, just not especially good either.

  • Psycho



    Big screen viewing.

    Anthony Perkins destroys everybody in this film.

    More seriously, this was a very pleasant big screen experience. It's quite unbelievable that 2017 will have been the year I saw 2 Hitchcock's on the silver screen (the other being North by Northwest back in August). I think it's up to me to keep my eyes peeled for these special screenings. Maybe they happen more often than I realize...

    Herman's score, my goodness. So chilling. So thrilling! I hadn't…

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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    First off, the beauty of a 70mm screening: none of those goddamn tv ads or that stupid, asinine Time Play game. That's all part of the digital packages attached to films. This being a film print, none of that garbage. Lights when out, WB logo popped up. Brilliant.

    This is a good movie. It really is a good movie. And yet, part of me walked away feeling it could have been so much better. Everyone and their dog will praise…

  • Birth of the Dragon

    Birth of the Dragon


    It's rather incredible that, given the legitimate cries over the past few years for more diversity in cinema, that the movie marketed as featuring a major turning point in Bruce Lee's life focuses so much on the one Caucasian chap. Honestly, why would the filmmakers make that kind of decision? The dude barely features on any of the posters!

    That aside, the two actors that play Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man are pretty good and bring their own brand…