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  • Zootopia



    This was a truly unexpected surprise. I haven't seen all of the recent Disney animated films. Of those that I did, I didn't care at all for "Wreck-It Ralph" and thought "Frozen" was patently mediocre. Positive reviews for "Zootopia" had me going 'Eh, whatever. Y'all said the same about Ralph and Frozen."

    Frankly, if you walked up to me yesterday and asked if I thought Disney had it in them in the foreseeable future to knock one straight out of…

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    First off, the beauty of a 70mm screening: none of those goddamn tv ads or that stupid, asinine Time Play game. That's all part of the digital packages attached to films. This being a film print, none of that garbage. Lights when out, WB logo popped up. Brilliant.

    This is a good movie. It really is a good movie. And yet, part of me walked away feeling it could have been so much better. Everyone and their dog will praise…