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  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Atonement
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  • Se7en


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  • Delusions of Grandeur

    Delusions of Grandeur


    Delusions of Grandeur: From the one-take beginning—which is very well executed—to the “Eureka!” moment at the end, Delusions of Grandeur combines comedy and action wonderfully in the course of 22 minutes. Intriguing cinematography, genius writing, and great acting are the three main elements that make this short film shine brighter than Leonardo DiCaprio’s daily-polished Oscar. Out of all his works, Delusions of Grandeur is the best short film ever created by director Travis Kyker, and greater things are yet to come from him in the future. Congratulations to all of the cast and crew for pulling off this masterpiece (and Harry and Luther’s pants).

  • The Haunting

    The Haunting

    PLOT TWIST!!! It was Jimbo from Lurk. He should’ve known that drinking gasoline has devastating (well, in this case “haunting”) side effects.