Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

So much of this is just catnip to my visual and musical sensibilities that I'm not sure I can fully explain why I loved it as much as I did. Usually my favorite films are the ones that evade me, but Oshima isn't working with any spectacularly complex ideas here: it's a dark fantasy about the destructive power of desires sublimated into social codes, which is not, per se, anything earth-shattering. And yet there's something so uniquely beautiful about the peculiar melding of Oshima's (often bleakly comic) images and Sakamoto's earnest, achingly gorgeous synth compositions that I was mesmerized. Very excited to dig into the rest of Oshima's oeuvre when I get the chance.

RIP Filmstruck, this was the last movie I was able to watch before it went under.

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