The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

the small business owner always gets it in the ass!

hooper's most purely pleasurable, trades the stark gothic blankness of the original for a deliriant subterranean carnival ride in dizzying neons through the travails of maintaining a family business. the walls emblazoned with expansionist atrocity, are stuffed with entrails and oozing blood, the entire latter half of the movie taking place within the sickly guts of some tired creature, belching steam and corpse-dust and the smell of good ol' fashioned family cooking. who knows about strangers, about psychosexual pleasure through violence, about metaphor and meaning-making, the saw *is family*. and since everyone starts swinging it around, isn't everyone part of the family? grandma's in chainsaw heaven now, though, and grandpa isn't looking too hot either.

anyways so true king go off
love this movie.

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