Eva has written 26 reviews for films during 2021.

  • Haze



    this happened to me one time

  • Sleepaway Camp

    Sleepaway Camp


    really truly loved whatever insane bullshit was going on w gender here,

  • Jessica Forever

    Jessica Forever


    unfolds delicately but fastidiously - as sensitive a working-through of male violence as i think is possible in art, for how it affords unconditional and boundless empathy without striving toward a mawkish expansion of interiority. proffers neither excuses nor apologies, and doesn't peddle in forgiveness as much as in the fundamental value of life. carceral tendrils are the limbs of death as it permeates into the lowest strata of society, whose conditions of manufactured and enforced violence are the architecture…

  • Jessica Forever

    Jessica Forever


    our love is a kalashnikov with endless bullets

    impossibly close to my heart

  • Sick Girl

    Sick Girl


    very cute, a little wonky and doesn't really move quite right but interesting parable about lonely lesbians moving too fast and falling into a toxic dynamic encouraged by a carnivorous insect....yada yada a straight male take on being gay girls or whatever but it def rings true to me....ultimately it really is intelligent about the way that outside forces like homophobic families and monstrous blood-sucking parasites and inside forces like desperation and mutual lack of communication work to turn what…

  • Torso


    queasy - barely interested in the killers' psychology except insofar as it belongs to a veritable rogues' gallery of violent psychosexual derangements presented by each and every male cast member (excepting the one who is functionally a narrative device or resolution personified) - I am doll eyes, doll mouth, doll legs / I am doll arms, big veins, dog beg (lol) - "stupid dolls, made out of flesh and blood" - women living their lives, of which we are privileged…

  • White Bird in a Blizzard

    White Bird in a Blizzard


    eva green as mommy dearest mvp in a film that works on literally no levels and is bizarrely compelling nonetheless...neither truly dreamy or manic-ecstatic in the mode of Araki's better works, instead a chimeric, self-devouring mess of half-thought ideas about the nuclear family...meek husbands with violent tempers underneath, bored housewives inflicting their dysphoric ennui on their daughters, it's nothing that hasn't been iterated on already...more interesting is the structure, narrative dispensed in fitful disjoint recollection, false resolutions and the entire thing circular in both minute and overarching senses....can't really live up to the opening song

  • The Howling

    The Howling


    solid, if a little dull in stretches. all the message-y bits about human nature and new age psychology kind of fall flat but in the campier moments it seethes with an almost de palmaesque lunacy of form, a sadistic pleasure in the lurid plasticity of vfx as it deranges the human body. in stretches sort of a less elemental and more academic take on a subset of what cronenberg was doing in the brood, somehow? i love that the news lady's werewolf form looks like a lil terrier, great bit

  • Ben & Arthur

    Ben & Arthur


    the first truly great film of gay cinema?

  • The Whip and the Body

    The Whip and the Body


    not much left to say: the persistence of love(?) in violent hauntings, even as we protest "but that's not what i really want, of course" vainly tilting towards the compulsive, immolative sexiness of self-punishment. simple abnegation doesn't burn quite as brightly, no, what we really crave is the eradication of self under the spiritual ecstacy of ritualized self-harm in the both the sexual and devotional acts of submission. where it no longer exists, where its possibilities seem entombed, subterranean, the…

  • Hardware



    crapped out after an hour idc this shit is so boring to me. extremely nice looking effects work and pretty pictures can't save a movie that has no characters or ideas full of pointless gross nerd shit. not even that bad just supremely boring and poorly written, who gives a fuck about ur indistinguishable cyberpunk lore when it's attached to such an empty movie

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    bleak shit! what if there was a capital-driven, family-endorsed plan to sacrifice children to some unnameable, inescapable, quasi-esoteric techno-conservative bloodlust ("part of our world, our craft, a way of controlling our environment"), to have them rot right before your eyes! what if! imagine it! wouldn't that be fucking scary !