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  • Hardware



    crapped out after an hour idc this shit is so boring to me. extremely nice looking effects work and pretty pictures can't save a movie that has no characters or ideas full of pointless gross nerd shit. not even that bad just supremely boring and poorly written, who gives a fuck about ur indistinguishable cyberpunk lore when it's attached to such an empty movie

  • So Pretty

    So Pretty


    “how long for your passenger?”

    [cw: liberal use of the words “bodies” and “spaces" bc i am a hack]

    utopias and what they must exclude, a film with so much i could love and unfortunately more that i cannot. as a study of paradisal trans ‘togetherness’ complicated only by brief intrusions of police violence against individuals in a manner simultaneously parochial and not didactic enough and a preoccupation with transience, it fails to reckon with what the utopia requires, what…

  • Muscle



    definitely not nothing going on here, e.g. the motif of the severed arm suggests something like lust as the desire to carve up and preserve the object of erotic fixation forever, which dovetails nicely with Ryuzaki's job as a photographer, wherein he was already doing the same, just with a camera instead of a sword. Querelle handles a lot of the same material better, though, insofar as it traces the connection between queer eroticism and the death drive not through…

  • Halloween



    it's mostly fine but there's a few scenes that feel like they belong in an episode of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

  • The Third Murder

    The Third Murder


    What works here is almost entirely visual--I'm still thinking about the way the standard shot-reverse shot of the early conversations between Shigemori and Misumi gives way to a positioning where both are included in the same shot and the glass separating them is rendered practically invisible, not to mention the clever use of overlapping reflections. That's not to say there aren't moments of genuine beauty in the drama here (e.g. Shigemori putting his hand on the glass, the bit where…