Eva has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★★★½ during 2021.

  • The Whip and the Body

    The Whip and the Body


    not much left to say: the persistence of love(?) in violent hauntings, even as we protest "but that's not what i really want, of course" vainly tilting towards the compulsive, immolative sexiness of self-punishment. simple abnegation doesn't burn quite as brightly, no, what we really crave is the eradication of self under the spiritual ecstacy of ritualized self-harm in the both the sexual and devotional acts of submission. where it no longer exists, where its possibilities seem entombed, subterranean, the…

  • Æon Flux

    Æon Flux


    one of those movies that should've gotten a big 'vulgar' reclamation back when those sorts of things were in vogue.... . charlize theron leg power. charlize theron pet marbles power. charlize theron weird sort-of-bob haircut power. anyways this is about how the power of obsessive century-spanning metempsychotic heterosexual love breaks through pseudo-FALCist static hegemony to re-establish vaguely ecologically-attuned futurity.....(cloud atlas but good?). looks great moves great never boring could stand to be gayer given how much the script is clearly…

  • D.E.B.S.



    tender and interpersonally eloquent in a way that the 'disney channel original movie ouroborous but the tail its eating is amy heckerling's clueless' kitsch aesthetic doesn't necessarily suggest....what makes it tick beyond the surface tension and surface pleasures is an actual heart (projected into the sky in day-glo pink, of course) and it feels as shoddy and delusional as television and as inescapably, stupidly large and looming as the movies....love it love it so much.....makes me happy....