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  • Sick Girl

    Sick Girl


    very cute, a little wonky and doesn't really move quite right but interesting parable about lonely lesbians moving too fast and falling into a toxic dynamic encouraged by a carnivorous insect....yada yada a straight male take on being gay girls or whatever but it def rings true to me....ultimately it really is intelligent about the way that outside forces like homophobic families and monstrous blood-sucking parasites and inside forces like desperation and mutual lack of communication work to turn what…

  • Ben & Arthur

    Ben & Arthur


    the first truly great film of gay cinema?

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    bleak shit! what if there was a capital-driven, family-endorsed plan to sacrifice children to some unnameable, inescapable, quasi-esoteric techno-conservative bloodlust ("part of our world, our craft, a way of controlling our environment"), to have them rot right before your eyes! what if! imagine it! wouldn't that be fucking scary !

  • Memories of Matsuko

    Memories of Matsuko


    sugary in the purest sense, tilting between pleasurable and nauseating, over-aestheticized to such a degree that signifiers perform a full 360-degree rotation from meaningful to meaningless and back again in mid-air. devotion and abuse, exile and new homes, sanctified, saintly pain and a qualified-false-note saccharine ending (after all, she died alone), but other than that there are surprisingly few missteps. forgive me for being born. god forgives those who found no forgiveness in life (who forgave others unquestioningly). our lives end so many times before they end. again, i was singing

  • Patlabor: The Movie

    Patlabor: The Movie


    mechanical "Labors" aligned like pagan idols in an Ark who, its prow sloughed off, reveals itself to be another Tower of Babel, collapsing into the sea under the weight of capitalist, idolatrous folly. a man falls to his death, his demon soul attached to a red-eyed crow, and a flock of birds gathers to commemorate a second Fall not much later. computer viruses play the part of original sin, no trace of the holy to be found anywhere but in the exquisite aesthetics of oshii's elegantly orchestrated pageant, although who is to say what it all means, capital-M, in the end....not i, certainly

  • Fireworks




  • Let's Scare Jessica to Death

    Let's Scare Jessica to Death


    begins so placid, with the approach of a hearse and a lovely tombstone sketch, but builds into genuine hysteria, in an almost prototypical, skeletal sense (this is a "Psychotic Woman" movie stripped to its barest parts and yet to call those parts bare seems to belie their craft and texture, which is exquisite, patient). heartbreaking too, as she doubts herself even to the very end, gaslit and disbelieved and tossed aside and oh so afraid, it's hard not recognize jessica,…

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    terrifying in its informatic sensibilities, the whirlwind of movement and plotting that denies the characters access to even the fear they ought to feel until their last moments, and exciting for how explicitly it addresses the voyeuristic argument against the genre, counterposing that is in fact that voyeurism coupled with the uncanny displacement of identification, the irresolvability of exactly what the killer is (besides a bare visual-narrative mechanism) that provides the genre with its political vitality. and this is a…

  • Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes

    Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes


    "you can have whatever you want, you just need to want it, and make it happen....it's a choice. it's a choice we make."
    first time a movie has made me cry in quite some time. love this so much

  • My Bloody Valentine

    My Bloody Valentine


    a relic of the time relatively early in their maturation when slashers were more apt to be strange and casually beautiful and even fun, when instead of being numbingly self-aware regarding the “importance” of their relationship to trauma they were content to be a study of its perpetual reinscription and the attendant effects as death worms its implacable way through a group of people. to confine all of the explication to a single staccato burst of montage only heightens the…

  • Body Snatchers

    Body Snatchers


    works largely by twisting the more-or-less universally adopted reading of the original text, i.e. that it is a paranoiac dramatization of the struggle between collectivism and liberal individualism: the reds are exchanged for the american military, the only character who bothers to actually defend the inviolable sanctity of the individual is in a drug-induced fervor, and the most human moment, per Gabrielle Anwar's Marty, is the pointless, vicious, and prolonged revenge they take on the pod creatures, to no avail.…

  • Halloween



    Michael Myers digs old tools of harm out of the rotting shell of a domesticity he once knew primarily as just a vehicle for inflicting spiritual violence. is it any wonder he tries to reassemble a family by making corpses and digging up tombstones? Laurie Strode nearly tears herself apart crawling and climbing through his nightmare dollhouse of failed connection, until all she can do is scream, dripping with blood and with a face painted shock-white by dust. Zombie's sequel…