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  • Midsommar



    I believe that this movie will receive very polarizing reviews and I can't blame no one. It's very slow, long and there's a very small amounts of action. So not for everyone. But I loved it. I live in Northern Europe myself, so the atmosphere felt very familiar. The first half an hour was too slow even for me, but after that I felt in some sort of a trance and rest of a movie was like a trip. Really weird, thoughtful and unsettling. Just the way I like them.

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    I know that it was the main idea of the movie, but I think it should have been released before Avengers: Endgame, because Endgame was such a powerful ending to so many heroes and stories, that I just wasn't so interested in the following events. But I must say that I liked this movie better than Homecoming. It certainly had far better action sequences and fights, also a story. Villain, performed perfectly by Gyllenhaal, was poorly written, and still I liked him more that Vulture. Yet concept of highschool drama/superhero movie hasn't grown on me as much as I'd like, maybe even opposite.

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  • John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

    John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


    The ways to kill someone with a book were way beyond my imagination.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    What a perfect and emotional ending for this franchise, it's hard to imagine it better. I also see it as an ending of superhero genre, at least for me. Yeah, there will be more and more movies, but Endgame is a closure of 11 year journey of mine. From the first Iron Man till the last shot of this movie - I've been invested in all the good and not so good movies, I've grown with them and they always…