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  • Before Sunset
  • On the Edge of Their Seats
  • Haru
  • Oppenheimer

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  • Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You

  • Family Switch

  • Chihayafuru: Part III

  • Monster

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  • Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You

    Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You

    you and me are like the trains
    that pass through this station each day 

    please never stop looking at me
    or if you do
    remember to remind me of it

    i may not know you now
    but in my tomorrow
    and in your yesterday
    i will know what’s love

    the first dates, the cinema, the mountain and the paintings
    can all vanish if they want
    but before we do too,
    let’s have that pizza again
    i don't like sour endings…

  • Family Switch

    Family Switch

    I'm pretty sure even if it was Maroon 6, it wouldn't be any different lol.

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  • Monster


    I thought the best way to spend my birthday would be to watch the new film from my favorite director in the world, in a theater at the iconic IFC Center in NYC.

    Well, I was wrong, it was a mistake. Because, once again, just like he does each time, Hirokazu Kore-eda has completely crushed my heart into pieces. Monster began with the energy and conniving tension of a collapsing universe and as it went on, it turned into a…

  • Soulmate


    the space between 2 matching earrings,
    the space between notebook doodles and exhibition walls,
    the space between seoul and jeju island,
    the space between sunlight and shadow,
    the space between 27 and forever,
    i will find you there.

    i like you but it's not seen,
    just like the mole on your cheek.
    i like you but you won't lean,
    my shoulder is empty
    & i’m missing you.

    waiting for your postcard from lake baikal..

    [ Summer Milky Way ]

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