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  • Max Knight: Ultra Spy

    Max Knight: Ultra Spy


    Classic James Bond male power fantasy in the "futuristic" world of 2000 where Moneypenny is a sultry siren AI, "Please put your adapter into my energy core". When a young techie Thelma-type is taken hostage by an underground radical group inciting the youth of Y2k to transcend into cyberspace for eternity, Max Knight and her older sister are the only duo who can stop them. The closest we may ever get to fully realizing Snow Crash into visual form, girl…

  • Based on an Untrue Story

    Based on an Untrue Story


    Cue in some Angelo Badalamenti and grab your wine glass because this spoof is the real deal. Based on an Untrue Story is the best conception of TV dramas and Lifetime schmaltzy since that time you killed your mother and borne your lost, unknown half-brother who turned out to be your sister. Morgan Fairchild channeling that fondue cheese to Razzi heights of hysteria and dumb blonde logic including a monumental theme song, "girl is clueless, if that girl ever had…

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  • Evicted



    That poster is deviously misleading because this is not a typical aughties movie, even Shannon Elizabeth's appearance is utterly brief and feels out of place since it's closer to an indie nineties dramedy than something like Can't Hardly Wait (which I was pleasantly surprised). Sun-soaked camcorder aesthetics, smoke-filled rental properties, iguana on the car seat, eating cheetos off the floor, and cereal drenched in beer. Yeah, "I don't need a job" slacker musings. He's about five years too late on…

  • L.A. Story

    L.A. Story


    This is fine. Steve Martin films are always just that, Steve Martin vehicles for the type of dad energy that only late-eighties khaki pants can offer. I do think he captures a certain cuteness which is unique to his lifted Woody Allen plotlines which isn't as bitter, defined in sweet moments and highway kisses that definitely ping on my heart strings. Except for these bits like the telephone answering machine gag that if anyone did that to me in real…

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  • The Daytrippers

    The Daytrippers


    A Proto-Little Miss Sunshine: unseen micro-budget family van ride story. Everyone’s idiosyncrasies and flaws comedically on display, subtle holiday feel goods of Seinfeld relatability.

    Highlight is Liev Schrieber playing “smartest guy in the room” writer-type who loves indulging about his Kafkaesque novel and aristocracy. Parker Posey plays mostly blasé cool Posey (I’m not complaining) who chain smokes and has a weakness for said intellectual writer types (raises hand), and Hope Davis as adorable older sister tracking down her husband in…

  • Homewrecker



    We got a little pre-Her on our hands, a computer programmer botches a military initiative by not creating his AI to be humanistic enough and in a fury he leaves his wife to hide away in a cabin assisted by his now-female program. Hubby has some serious accoutrements like a made-for-TV Peter Gallagher without the eyebrows. Wouldn't you know men got a thing for the uninitiated and enjoys teaching his new plaything about the ins and outs of this thing…