Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

A delightful play on the whodunnit, not only as a call out for those who love the cozy mystery genre -- but also as the Rian do -- spins the genre on its head as you root for the unlikely villain. A magnifying glass on social-politics that never self-righteously hammers you deep down into 2019-isms. My main complaint however, is that in speaking specifically to this year's newsworthy topics the film cannot have the same timelessness as something like Clue and you know what, I guess I'm okay with that because the overall journey is heavily illustrated by the cast. What Rian does best is let no one come across as redeeming, everyone is at fault both within the framework of the genre and in the social-politics they argue about or represent. Also, Craig playing a satirical version of the omniscient detective, who becomes a joke in and of himself, was surprisingly unexpected. The hype is definitely true in this case.

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