Sleepwalkers ★★★★★

Girl, we all been there. He seemed really charming, brought you to a picnic graveyard date cause you both a lil weird and morbid, then suddenly he turns into a monster when you won’t go to third base. Tell me about it! Very important messaging around the necessity of keeping cats in your home and also, why you should be suspicious of men who are that close to their mothers.

Cleverly spins teen tropes into a cautionary tale of forbidden supernatural teen romance, an inverted teenage fantasy setting up scenes like a John Hughes comedy ie the movie theater scene, Brian Krause casually cool with his sexy ride, and troubled home life. It’s fun in all the right ways, silly and extreme in others, while maintaining a depressing parallel to being taken advantage of as a young woman.

It’s also a hybrid of two great elements: campy fifties monster movie and moody, gory double entendre horror. Honestly, serve this next to a dish of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you have the perfect mood for any teenage goth girl (clears throat). Has all the elements of what camp horror fans generally love: Fun puppet monster makeup, incestual love, cute girl, and corny (pun intended) kills. So the hate is completely lost on me there.

ALSO! Nothing like a slow motion stampede of cats prancing through town to save the day making this an instant classic... a Cat-sic, if you will.

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