Static ★★★★★

A yearning to do more for humanity and alleviate suffering from all, wishful thinking, and a desire to have those see your viewpoint about the world. We pride ourselves in our trivial accomplishments. Longing for more after our life, not wanting to be filled with regret and have recognition that can surpass us beyond the grave. Your name on a Nobel prize. A TV slot. A Wikipedia page entry. 

Static is both depressing and sincere about Ernie Blick’s life. A boy stuck in small town rustbelt country, preachers on the street, working at a cross assembly line, and excited about his discovery of Heaven. He sets out to change the world, even if he is the only one who can see it and desperately believes that everyone will be fundamentally better for it. It tricks you into thinking the movie will go one way, an indie flick a decade before the genre was cute-ified, and relies on a somber note throughout. 

This movie is pretty damn perfect. Heartwarming and bittersweet. His best friend trying to reason with his crazy ideals — wanting him to succeed, but also acknowledge reality, unless maybe he’s the only one who can see it. Dry humor, with subtle wit and Americana tossed in like a milkshake to your fries. The ending will hit you like a cinderblock, knocking you off your couch before it’s time to hit the dusty trails again. Life continues on, but for Ernie, he will never be forgotten. Power to the TV.

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