The Daytrippers

The Daytrippers ★★★★½

A Proto-Little Miss Sunshine: unseen micro-budget family van ride story. Everyone’s idiosyncrasies and flaws comedically on display, subtle holiday feel goods of Seinfeld relatability.

Highlight is Liev Schrieber playing “smartest guy in the room” writer-type who loves indulging about his Kafkaesque novel and aristocracy. Parker Posey plays mostly blasé cool Posey (I’m not complaining) who chain smokes and has a weakness for said intellectual writer types (raises hand), and Hope Davis as adorable older sister tracking down her husband in a potential salacious affair.

First feature by Greg Mottola who would create Superbad and Adventureland years later — though I’m not a fan of those, but I love finding director’s original indie beginnings. Can’t deny he has a knack for putting a cast of characters together and letting the comedy magic do its thing. Here it is particularly timely and my preferred comedic flavor of dry, character-bred situation antics. Sad and heartwarming, simple but endearing, quirky and cute. Perfect sardonic nineties.

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