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  • The Upside

    The Upside


    like every feel-good movie: its quite predictable. I love the banter between hart and cranston though. It got a few chuckles here and there not gunna lie.

  • In the Tall Grass

    In the Tall Grass



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  • Drive



    Baby Driver’s darker emo cousin that doesn’t come to family gatherings anymore because he doesn’t appreciate a nice home cooked meal.

  • Midsommar


    im sitting at my counter eating frosted flakes and its just what i needed after seeing this movie.

    fiiiirst off, i feel that i had a special bond with everyone in the theater as the credits began to roll, the lights shot on, and everyone kinda stood up and looked around at eachother and just inaudibly asked “what the hell did we just spend 2.5 hours watching?”

    As a horror genre film, Midsommar accomplished scaring me into two things: I’m…