Captain Marvel ★★★½

The pros outweigh the cons in Captain Marvel, enough so that I’m even more hyped to see what Carol Danvers can do to Thanos in Endgame

As cheesy as many parts of this movie were (not just the 90s cheese but also with the super whack dialogue in some moments), it was still a lot of fun seeing Carol whoop some ass with her squad while constantly trading jabs with Nick Fury—which was entertaining in itself. 

The movie does take a while to get off the ground, and the plot is hella confusing at times (especially for people like me who aren’t familiar with the source material), but the second half really does make up for the action and relative coherence that the first half lacked. 

Brie Larson did her thing; the people that are giving her (and subsequently the Marvel franchise) shit over whatever “comments” she may have made can fuck off cuz she killed it. 

Lastly, big shoutout to the man Stan Lee. His cameo, along with the opening credits, were awesome. He will surely be missed. 

April 26 can’t come soon enough.

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