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  • Gattaca



    Just wanted to say ‚here is a movie that aged well‘ … but #diversity 😬

  • January 6th

    January 6th


    I was skeptical watching another January 6th documentary. What more could I learn? But this doc made me fathom the whole insanity of the insurrection. 
    Perfect balance of talking heads and (mostly) high quality footage. The cgi felt a bit cringe at first, but helps to really understand positions and movements.
    Shocking, moving and highly informative.

    (A bit heavy on praising the Police though, but I guess they kinda saved the day)

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  • Moloch



    I had an amazing time at this movie, because I was looking forward to it for a long time and was committed to the ride.
    For a Dutch movie debut shot through the pandemic, I must give this the full score.

    Nico van den Brink knows his game and crated a horror movie true to the genre. With some winks here and there to some of my favorite horror flicks like the Wicker Man (kids performing a creepy fertility dance…

  • Barbarian



    Hell yeah!

    Plot ☑️
    Creepy & Scary ☑️
    Cast & Acting ☑️
    Practical Efects ☑️
    PC& Socially Engaged ☑️