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  • Summer of 84

    Summer of 84


    Really surprised by this, was expecting a typical 80s Stranger Things-esque mystery but it turned into so much more. Defintely worth a watch if you're tired of the usual coming-of-age tropes. The only thing holding me back from scoring it higher is a subplot involving this girl named Nikki which just felt like 14 year old wish fulfilment. Aside from that, quality watch.

  • Climax



    I had seen this film a week or two prior, and while the soundtrack slaps with a capital S, I found myself quite underwhelmed upon second viewing. Contrasting Noe’s other more streamlined works such as Enter the Void and Irreversible, this film seems to lack any kind of narrative throughline or thematic meat other than the annoyingly pretentious flashing messages that appeared sporadically throughout. The characters as well were quite awful and unsympathetic for the most part, and certain sequences…