Suspiria ★★★★

Italian horror at it's finest, showing of Dario Argento's talents as a filmmaker. The cinematography, editing and use of colours in the film are amazing. The Goblin soundtrack is really unsettling, chaotic and creepy but at the same time being extremely awesome. I love how the whole film feels like you're in a nightmare, where bad things just happen and you can't escape from it.

There is a lack of story in Suspiria and any mystery that the film sets up is completely revealed through a long heavy exposition scene, which is by far the worst scene in the film. I don't think a lack of story is necessarily a bad thing, I actually think that it helps the film and makes it feel like a strange dream. The first 15 minutes of the film are flawless and some of the best horror I have seen. There are also really bad and stupid characters in the film, in particular the witches which don't even try very hard to hide the fact that something is wrong.

The dubbing I think will annoy new people who watch the film, as it can be quite off-putting at times. The sound mixing is also not great with the music being extremely loud and the dialogue being really quiet. This was really distracting at times and I had to constantly play around with the TV volume.

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