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  • Escape from New York
  • The Servant
  • Guys and Dolls

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  • Ocean's Twelve


  • Ocean's Eleven


  • Sandra

  • Mon Oncle

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  • The Forever Purge

    The Forever Purge


    A Purge film that ponders the question: what if the purge were to get out of hand?

  • Pirates



    Reggie’s managed to make the perfect duration of film, while also sticking very closely to the 1999 Brit comedy directorial style. I though it was going to be about pirate radio, but instead it made me surprisingly sentimental for The Full Monty, Bend It Like Beckham, East is East, etc. and the script tickled me. Five bags.

Popular reviews

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    In some ways it’s refreshing to watch some superhero bullshit where evidently no one has gone full method. It’s also refreshing to watch one that’s not filmed on IMAX cameras - everything’s tight, small, conventional, the camera rarely strays above waist height, the CGI is shit. It’s a Saw film with Batman in it. Actually what it is is a knock off David Fincher film: it’s Se7en with Batman in it. They missed a trick not doing MAGA Batman though.…

  • World on a Wire

    World on a Wire


    There’s a mirror in every frame. This film is wonderful, I’ve been trying to get hold of a copy of it with English subs forever. Michael Ballhaus (Frequent Scorsese DOP) does some crazy things with mirrors and orange. Fans of yer gaslight-sci-fi genre should pair with The Mind Benders (1962). Very ahead of its time conceptually. Five bags of popcorn, and a sheet of amber acetate from me.