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  • Eye of the Cat

    Eye of the Cat


    Ailurophobe schemes to get his crazy-cat-lady aunt's money. S'alright if you like watching amoral A-holes try to out-con one another. TIL: St. Gertrude was fine with felines, but was actually named the patron saint of cats due to her ability to expel mice.

  • Popcorn



    A killer stalks film students at a festival of William Castle-style flicks. A complete blast, and I'd totally watch every one of the fake movies. TIL: A Vietnamese Good Friday custom has a Jesus statue buried in popcorn, a substitute for rare white flower petals.

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  • The Devil's Nightmare

    The Devil's Nightmare

    Classic Gothic Eurotrash has succubus show up at castle to punish seven deadly sinners. Satan pops in to finish the job. TIL: Gluttony is the overindulgence of anything, not just eat and drink. You don't always have to kill off the fatty with food.

  • Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal

    Magazine for horny teens gets turned into animated movie for horny teens. Non-horny non-teens may enjoy the soundtrack. TIL: The Catholic journal The Wanderer has been publishing continually since 1867. No movie for horny teens has been made from its contents.