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  • Sorry About the Demon

    Sorry About the Demon


    Sorry About the Demon (2022) Heartbroken nebbish Will is so pathetic that even the demon lurking in his new home doesn't want to possess him, so it tries to use the household ghosts to drive him out instead. However, unable to find anywhere else to go, Will decides everyone is just going to have to learn how to live together. Purposely silly and good natured, this makes for a lighthearted time killer.

    TIL: As with most movies, this one has…

  • Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death

    Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death


    Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death (1979) Continuing the family tradition of questionable medical practice, a mad doctor injects people with his great grandad's secret formula, compelling them to beat each other to death in his basement. Pretty sure this isn't the sequel Robert Louis Stevenson would have written, but since the film crew consists almost entirely of one guy and there's only a couple of sets, I suppose this is the sequel we get.

    TIL: Early on, Robert Louis Stevenson…

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  • The Devil's Nightmare

    The Devil's Nightmare


    Classic Gothic Eurotrash has succubus show up at castle to punish seven deadly sinners. Satan pops in to finish the job. TIL: Gluttony is the overindulgence of anything, not just eat and drink. You don't always have to kill off the fatty with food.

  • Howling: New Moon Rising

    Howling: New Moon Rising


    Endless exposition, copious footage from previous movies, and overlong scenes of line-dancing. 1% werewolf, 99% padding. TIL: To paraphrase Prov 26:11, as werewolves return to their vomit, so filmmakers repeat their folly. One sequel too many.