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  • Art of Style: Jean Cocteau

    Art of Style: Jean Cocteau

    β€œi have said somewhere that i am better at making friends than making love. i slept one hundred years and then came prince charming. jean wakened me from this magic slumber. i didn’t meet him, i recognized him.”

  • After Everything

    After Everything


    maika monroe screaming at her boss in her cute raspy voice: see ya later alligator, fuckin a
    me: oh my god can we please make out

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  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    I can’t stop thinking about what it would’ve meant for 14 year old me to see this film β€” to see kayla stumble through her sentences and struggle to make eye contact and have a panic attack in the bathroom before a pool party β€” to know that I wasn’t alone even when I felt like no one in the whole world had ever felt what I was feeling. for that, my 14 year old awkard self, along with my 23 year old just as awkard self, wants to say a huge thank you thank you thank you to bo burnham πŸ’—

  • Set It Up

    Set It Up


    me when zoey deutch was eating a whole bag of popcorn that she dumped into her shirt: marry me you bitch!!!!!!