Paper Moon ★★★★★

we just have to keep on veering, that's all.”

this movie is so many things to me. It’s my anxiety forcing me to miss days and days of school. It’s me waking up at 6am and begging my dad not to make me go because I just can’t deal with it all again today. this movie is my dad driving me all around our small town, and into the city, and up and down every highway. It’s my dad stopping at every yard sale along the way looking for a record or a book I might like. It’s me turning channels on the radio in the passenger seat with the windows down. It’s us arguing back and forth about the name of that one actor in that one movie from fifty years ago that we watched last month. It’s my dad forging doctor’s notes. it’s him teaching me how to drive in the church parking lot when I should be in spanish class. this movie is about a confidence man and his (maybe) daughter, but it’s also, in a lot of the same ways, about my dad and me.

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