The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ★★★★★

things that have the most sexual tension between them in this movie:

- finnick and the spile 
- me and peeta as he does literally anything 
- katniss and johanna in every scene theyre in together but specifically the scene where johanna sneaks up behind katniss and touches her arrows 
- haymitch and his teacup full of booze
- peeta, katniss, haymitch, and johanna as johanna strips in the elevator 
- finnick and his sugar cube he stole from a horse
- gale and being the most boring person alive 
- beetee and his special magical wire that he invented to take down the government 
- finnick and the magical medicine pond as katniss and peeta lower him under the water while he screams “FUCk” 
- finnick and peeta while finnick is giving him cpr

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