• I Want You Back

    I Want You Back


    I’m glad filmmakers have decided to actually set their films in atlanta instead of just filming everything here and pretending it’s somewhere else. atlanta is a cool place! it is movie worthy! we have tapas bars and nightlife and indie theaters! stop setting everything in new york city!

  • Mambo Italiano

    Mambo Italiano


    my son is NOT going to find a nice italian girl. he’s GAY!

  • Wings of Desire

    Wings of Desire


    life is meaningless and we are all pretenders pretending and dreamers dreamt to life!! surrounded by everything happening all at once!! so loud that it feels like nothing!! like a rock concert hum!! dancing alone in black and white!!! we are all just ore in the igneous dark!!! waiting to be touched by an angel!!! or to pass by columbo on the street in a ratty coat surrounded by heaps of muck and mistake him for a bum!!! it’s all the same thing!!!

  • Stanley & Iris

    Stanley & Iris


    jane looking like this at fifty is basically just a pilates advertisement

  • The Rolling Bed
  • Behind the Make-Up

    Behind the Make-Up


    william powell in a really bad italian accent: gardoni the FOOL 😔 gardoni the CLOWN 🤡 
    kay francis: 😬

  • The Rosary

    The Rosary


    being faithful to my soldier husband isn’t enough i have to BECOME A NUN

  • Little Old New York

    Little Old New York


    very iconic of them to make john jacob astor’s only characteristic a seething hatred for steamships when his great grandson perished on the titanic one hundred years later. hindsight is 20/20

  • The Yellow Ticket

    The Yellow Ticket


    laurence olivier looks ungodly beautiful in this movie. watch it if only for the scene where he and elissa landi have the cutest meet cute on a train.

  • The Shallows

    The Shallows


    I relate to steven seagull because I would also drink blake lively’s spit and never leave her side.

  • Jumanji



    they turned that little boy into a monkey for absolutely no reason

  • Time Without Pity

    Time Without Pity


    michael redgrave ate and left no crumbs