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  • The Godfather
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  • Boyhood
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  • The Young Pope

    The Young Pope


    I don’t usually talk about series, but since the first episode i knew that i had to reviewed this.

    It’s simply amazing, every shot, every dialogue, even costumes and makeup are perfect.

    The best of all is the music. 

    I will always remember the moment when the Pope is changing clothes while I’m sexy and i know it was playing.

    Yeah, if you want to see something different, something really explosive, this is your perfect serie.

    Just 10 caps full…

  • Toy Story

    Toy Story


    TOY STORY.              9,1/10

    Last Review : The Suite Life Movie

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    # +9 FILMS


    Let's see, so, in madness mode i decide to watch Toy Story for third time, but I mean all 4 movies.

    So let's discuss a bit what Toy Story is and why it is so important to the world of cinema.

    The first thing is to understand that it is…

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  • Grave of the Fireflies

    Grave of the Fireflies



    Last Review : Cherry

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    The photograph? Crazy, red filters wow.

    Sound? Awesome, shelling ugh.

    Music? Heartwarming, even the credits.

    Characters? Crying, surviving, dying.

    Plot? Unimaginable, to think about it.

    Cry? Until the last breath.

     And so on to infinity and beyond.

    Every little detail is a glowing firefly, and when they all come together, there is nothing left but to stare blinded.


    “ September 21, 1945... that was the night I…

  • Cherry




    Last Review : Saw V

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    Let's be honest, it's not as bad as people say.

    It's not that it's original, but what it does is at least good.

    The plot of the film is military youth, war and drugs, mixed with a bit of robbery.

    It's basically a pre-war, post-war, and post-war story. Something similar to Deer Hunter, but keeping distances.

    We could also say that it drinks from Requiem…

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  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs


    THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.          9,5/10

    Last Review : Deck The Halls

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    The Silence of the Lambs, simply put, is a masterpiece.

    Tells the story of a young FBI cadet, Clarice, who will have to deal with Hannibal, a murderer who eats his prey. Clarice will need Hannibal's help in order to stop another serial killer known as…

  • Easy Rider

    Easy Rider


    EASY RIDER.              8,5/10

    Last Review : On Stranger Tides

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    A most protest road film.

    With a simple and natural pace, this countercultural film claims among many things, freedom of expression, passion and sexual diversity, drug use without prejudice, participation in the Vietnam War or the real meaning of the American dream.

    A film that tells the story of 2 American bikers who will travel throughout the country, encountering various…