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"Dreams are what le cinema is for."

I do theatre and sometimes I watch movies.

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  • World of Tomorrow
  • The Apartment
  • Amadeus
  • The Tree of Life

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  • Fiddler on the Roof

    Fiddler on the Roof


    To celebrate my 26th birthday last week, I fit in some of my favorite movies. After rewatching The Awful Truth in the morning and dipping into the first fifteen minutes of The Social Network while taking a bath (very luxurious!), I managed to coerce a few friends to commit to remotely watching all three hours of this movie.

    Listen. Fiddler on the Roof is my favorite musical. No other show moves me as deeply as this one. It cracks me…

  • Sense and Sensibility

    Sense and Sensibility


    I can't stop thinking about the moment Elinor Dashwood (Emma Thompson) finds out that Edward Ferrars (Hugh Grant) isn't actually married, as she previously suspected. It's right at the end of the film, after nearly two hours of Elinor silently enduring a thousand tiny cuts and mostly remaining stoic. In Thompson's magnificent performance, she really only lets her guard down to be alone with her emotions maybe twice, most notably while Marianne (Kate Winslet) is critically ill. So finally, near…

Recent reviews

  • One Week

    One Week


    Everyone should read Dana Stevens' Camera Man: Buster Keaton, the Dawn of Cinema, and the Invention of the Twentieth Century. It's a beautifully written book and a deeply empathetic look at one of my favorite filmmakers.

    My first viewing of One Week was very recently -- my 27th birthday in May 2021, in fact -- but I seized the opportunity to share it with my fiancée. Let me tell ya: movies about marriage feel a little more pointed with a…

  • Pépé le Moko

    Pépé le Moko


    7 filmmakers/3 films 2022: Julien Duvivier

    "Blame it on the Casbah."

    Pépé le Moko has style oozing out of every frame. Its influence is immediately clear most obviously in its English-language shot-for-shot remake Algiers as well as, notably, Casablanca. Jean Gabin is the almost mythical antihero of its title, and his performance is everything you could want from a film like this: mysterious, magnetic, and effortlessly sexy. As my first exposure to Duvivier's work, I was impressed by his ability…

Popular reviews

  • The Departed

    The Departed


    When The Departed came out, why was it cool to pretend that it was a minor Scorsese effort?

    It's a fascinating film in the Scorsese canon for a number of reasons. It's got everything that makes a great one (bravura performances, his trademark kinetic direction, the frantic Thelma Schoonmaker editing, an impeccable soundtrack, top-notch writing littered with generous profanity), but with its fundamentally classical plot structure, it feels like it is of a different cloth than Goodfellas or Raging Bull…

  • The Pumpkin Eater

    The Pumpkin Eater


    Man, Anne Bancroft is something in this, isn't she?

    Her performance can truly only be described as something of a tour-de-force. It's an outstanding testament to her skill, her focus as an actor. The dedication to physicality, the rich inner turmoil, the clarity and pain in her eyes. It's really tremendous. Pinter gives her an enormous challenge with the role but she succeeds beautifully. Opposite her is a strong Peter Finch, but make no mistake: it's Bancroft's world and we're just living in it.