We Are What We Are ★★★

Its so rare nowadays to watch a film without knowing exactly what you're getting yourself into. We Are What We Are was exactly that for me. The film manages never to be formulaic or predictable. Rather than rely on sudden shocks or over the top gore to get under your skin it starts off very discretely, only hinting of what dark secret this family is keeping. This isn't just a good horror film its a very good film in general. I found there to be quite a few symbolism and metaphors. A thought provoking horror film that deals with how religious/ritual/tradition can blind logic.
The central family reminded me of an Amish or those reclusive Mormon families in this case they aren't a reclusive family but rather a well liked but odd neighbors. Also backed by some great convincing performances from Bill Sage as the menacing, patriarch father and Ambyr Childers, Julia Garner as the daughters who now have to take charge of performing the "ritual", after the passing of their mother in the very beginning of the film. I can't say much because you really wan't to go into this "art-house/horror" film knowing as little as possible. This might be the best horror film I've seen all year.