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  • Babylon



    A masterpiece. I am so mad at myself for not seeing this in theaters, but the marketing and critics blew it on this one. It is one of the best and funniest movies I have ever seen in my life. It is also the fastest moving 3+ hour movie I've ever seen.

    Just a stunning, larger than life piece of art that hooks you in the first minutes and never lets go. To even explain the laugh that got me…

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  • The Santa Summit

    The Santa Summit


    Just as good, maybe better the second time around. I want great things to happen to everyone involved in this movie. 

    What really stuck out on the second viewing is how much chemistry the actors have with each other. The three women feel like they’ve really been friends for a long time and that’s not just because of the good script, it’s because the director clearly trusted these actresses to make some choices that make their characters and their relationships…

  • Education



    The goal of education in an unjust, unequal society isn’t to inspire children to a better life, it is to create a permanent underclass. Equal parts infuriating and inspiring, I wanted to throw something at the screen when the lazy teacher sang ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ (something McQueen shows you in agonizing, hysterical detail) and wanted to cry tears of joy when the mother finally realizes what’s been happening to her son.

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  • Holiday Road

    Holiday Road


    The Van Clan showed an enormous amount of patience in not throwing the wanna be influencer’s phone out the window.

    This looked like it was going to be a collection of stock characters and stereotypes at the start, but it’s so well written, well cast and well executed that everyone gets some color and has a moment to shine. 

    Any story that has a diverse set of strangers being kind to each other will inevitably win me over, but this…

  • A Biltmore Christmas

    A Biltmore Christmas


    Now you listen here, you can't just march up on a dame and give her the what for...buster.

    Had a lot of fun with this trip back in time. Hallmark correctly gave this to two of their A-listers, both of whom look like they could have fit right in old Hollywood, especially Lenz. She's almost always great anyways, but this is tailor made for her and she seems to be loving the chance to channel Rosalind Russell. Polaha is having…