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  • In the Cut

    In the Cut


    What is any character in this movie talking about?! 

    If you survey all the studio and higher-profile NC-17 movies of the ‘90s and ‘00s, few of them hold up under scrutiny.  They’re all so damned campy, no matter if a man or woman directed it. 

    This wishes it was a Ferrara movie.

  • The Caveman's Valentine

    The Caveman's Valentine


    THE FISHER KING x Spike Lee + some Schrader-isms = THE CAVEMAN’S VALENTINE. 

    Sam Jackson plays a schizophrenic living in a cave, who attempts to solve a gay sex cult murder mystery set in high society (which is suddenly relevant, given the NXIVM case.)

    I can’t tell if this one’s good or bad, but wow, what an unpredictable ride. Hats off to Kasi Lemmons, she sure told the story she wanted to tell.  I better see her EVE’S BAYOU stat!

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  • The Exorcist III

    The Exorcist III


    Have you seen EXORCIST III?!?!  An insane mish-mash of amateur art film pretense and non-stop genre exposition, all with unfunny whimsy. 

    It’s almost Wes Anderson-like in its obsession with minutae. This movie wasn’t scary in the least, but who cares when it’s this wiggy?

    It’s a movie for people who want EXORCIST II's craziness without having to sit through EXORCIST II.   Great cast, lots of strange emoting...including career-high outbursts from George C. Scott rivaling his theater seat abuse in HARDCORE.

    Left over from my viewing notes: “Holy shit Fabio showed up in a cameo. This movie is so dumb, I'm warming up to it.”

  • The Rubber Gun

    The Rubber Gun


    Easily my favorite Canadian film.

    Most Americans know more about Russia than they do about Canada. A shame, for our northern neighbors have always given us a wealth of strange movies.

    Remember the plot of THE PRODUCERS? Where, in order to make money, they must lose money on their stage production? From the mid-'70s to early-'80s, the whole Canadian film industry worked off that same premise. If you were, say, a Canadian dentist and wanted to funnel $2 million into…