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  • Devil Story

    Devil Story


    A little known historical fact: shortly before appearing in David Cronenberg's 1986 documentary The Fly, Seth Brundle tested his teleportation device on French filmmaker Jean Rollin. In a twist of fate that would eerily foreshadow future events, just before the pod door snapped shut Don Dohler appeared from nowhere and leapt inside. When the smoke cleared, all that remained was a battered canister containing this film.

  • The Embalmer

    The Embalmer


    I'm probably not the ideal person to write the first review for this forgotten regional slasher, but it deserves to find a bigger audience so I'm going to take a stab at it.

    The only feature film from S Torriano Berry, cinematographer of Troma's charming creature feature Bugged!, the opening credits inform us this is "A We Didn't Have Any Money So We Had Fun Production," and immediately my heart swelled. Berry handles nearly every aspect of production, from screenplay…

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  • Gestapo's Last Orgy

    Gestapo's Last Orgy

    When I was in high school, one night my dad snuck into my VHS collection and watched this, thinking it was an adult film. The next morning he pulled me aside, white as a ghost, and said "Son, I want you to destroy that Gestapo movie and never watch it again."

    I've always thought it was weird my dad hated this movie so much he pretty much admitted he wanted to jerk off to some Nazi porn.

  • Suspiria


    Not the disaster I feared nor the "serious work of art" it clearly desires to be. Mired in a lugubrious self-importance, it spends far too much of its bloated runtime ruminating on post-war Germany and not nearly enough being an actual horror movie. Still, there are some fantastic set-pieces, and it's confident enough in its own skin to avoid being completely subsumed by the original, perhaps a worthy enough feat in its own right.